Dear parents,

The Canadian Francophone Games will be held in Victoria in 2020.

The program includes arts, leadership and sports competitions. Here are the different disciplines:

  • ARTS – Visual arts, Improv, Music and Culinary Arts
  • LEADERSHIP – Public Speaking, Media and Active Citizen
  • SPORTS – Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball and Sailing

To get details about your child’s specific team (selection process, deadlines, etc.) please contact your provincial or territorial Youth Association.


Provincial and territorial transportation is organized by each team. National transportation to Victoria is organized by FJCF. Depending on your location, teams could be transported by plane, bus or train. Schedules will be known in 2020.

Teams that will use ground transportation are:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia

All other teams will arrive by plane.


Carry-on or backpack for the day

You should have these items with you when you leave:

  • Medical card (or photocopy);
    • and allergy or medical condition identification such as a bracelet if necessary;
    • any medication and vitamins you have to take;
      if you have allergies, please make sure you indicate then correctly on your registration form and inform your coach
  • money … for souvenirs and extra snacks from concessions (please note snacks are offered by the Organizing Committee);
  • sunglasses, regular glasses and contacts if necessary;
  • toothbrush and toothpaste (format less than 100 ml);
  • reusable water bottle;
  • cell phone and charger;
  • all documentation provided by your team.

We suggest you also bring some extra clothes (one day’s worth), in case of lost luggage.

Checked baggage

  • Inflatable mat and sleeping bag (twin size);
  • travel pillow;
  • shower products such as: towel, bathing suit, soap, shampoo, shower flip-flops, hair blow dryer, etc.;
  • discipline-specific equipment: for your art, leadership or sport;
  • clothes for about 7 days, including one warm sweater and a waterproof jacket;
  • comfortable shoes … we walk a lot during the Games;
  • a lock;
  • sunscreen, insect repellent and a hat.

Identification luggage tags will be given to team members and they must also wear their team uniform at the moment of departure.


Accommodation at the Games for participants and coaches/chaperones is set in school classrooms.

There are dorms for girls and dorms for boys. There is a minimum of one adult per classroom. The whole team sleeps in the same school.

Team members are generally grouped by discipline : basketball and badminton girls together for example.

A schedule for showers will be suggested to teams. Some disciplines will use the school shower, while others will use the competition venue showers. Schedules will have to be observed.

Parents attending the Games as spectators should see the Visitors page for details on accommodations.


All meals and snacks are provided by the Organizing Committee.

Most meals will be served at cafeterias on the main venue or at the school where the teams are staying.

If there are any allergies to mention, please do so in the registration form and inform your team.

The Organizing Committee will try to accommodate all restrictions and offer a diverse menu.