The organising committee of the Canadian Francophone Games is actively searching for financial partnerships and sponsors for the realisation of this great gathering.

By joining our inner circle of sponsors and partners, you are contributing to the success of this national event while also contributing to the economic development of our beautiful region.

Multiple Business opportunities are available for all the organising sectors of the CFGames: Participant services, logistics, ceremonies, programming, etc.

For more information about available business opportunities, consult our visibility plan and communicate with us through  


Accounting firm for year end financial audit

The following criteria are issued by the CF Games to retain an accounting firm to conduct a financial audit of the previous year's expenditures and revenues from January to December 2020. The successful firm will be required to work directly with the Games Management Team, which includes the President, Treasurer and Executive Director.
In order to be considered, please send a bid letter by email by Friday, January 22, 2021, 5:00 pm Pacific Time
Casey Edmunds, Executive Director Canadian Francophone Games Victoria

A partnership with the CFGames? It’s worth it!

 Our Partnership Philosophy

  • Having an attentive ear for the needs of our partners;
  • Developing “win-win” partnerships;
  • Using creative ways to showcase our partnerships and ensuring the visibility of our partners;
  • Having a professional and convivial approach;
  • Creating business relations based on trust;
  • Creating personalised partnerships based on the needs of our partners.

Clientele for the CFGames

  • Participants of the CFGames (around 1000) in the three competitive sectors (arts, leadership and sports);
  • Chaperones from each delegation (more than 250);
  • Volunteers and organisers for the CFGames (750);
  • The public and attendees watching the CFGames;
  • Follower base who follow the CFGames through social media and traditional media. 


The Fédération de la jeunesse canadienne-française (FJCF) and the Organizing Committee (OC) of the Canadian Francophone Games (CFGames) are responsible for the brand of the CFGames. This responsibility includes the attribution, the management and the protection of the exclusive marketing rights related to the CFGames, whose commercial value allows the FJCF and the OC to raise funds for planning and execution the CFGames.

Therefore, the use of the generic CFGames’ logo, the Victoria 2020 CFGames’ logo, slogan, and all other visual elements directly related to the Canadian Francophone Games, or that of its owners and partners, is not permitted without an agreement directly signed by the FJCF and/or the OC.