The Canadian Francophone Games are among the largest gatherings of Canada’s French-speaking youth. In addition to encouraging hundreds of young people to exercise their talents in one of three sectors (art, leadership and sport), the Games showcase cultural pride, self-confidence and leadership abilities in a friendly, competitive setting. Since the first Games in 1999, no less than 20,000 people have been involved. The Games provide extraordinary encounters; an exciting francophone experience; and a schedule rich in festivities.

The Canadian Francophone Games are a Fédération de la jeunesse canadienne-française (French Canadian Youth Federation – FJCF) initiative, supported financially by the Governement of Canada.

The French Canadian Youth Federation relies on a partnership with an Organizing Committee (host city) to deliver logistics and programming components for the event. The Games are held during the summer months every three years. Over 1,200 participants and more than 750 volunteers are expected for every edition of the Games.



Francophonie in Canada

The CFGames, the perfect moment to live your Francophonie.

Discover your identity

The CFGames an opportunity to develop your cultural identity.


The CFGames inspire youth to get involved in their community, in French.

Our Brand

Our brand uses vibrant and youthful colours. These colours can also be found on the provincial and territorial flags of Canada.

A maple leaf can be found within the flame, reminding us of the national quality of the Games.

The torch is a symbol of excellence and eternity and expresses the vitality and the
warmth of francophone communities across Canada. Its fluid curves, dynamism and movement make the torch look both modern and artistic, just as the francophone youth of Canada.


The Canadian Francophone Games are made possible, thanks to the generous contribution of the  Government of Canada who has been the main partner since the inception of the Games in 1999.


Other sponsors and partners have joined the team to make this event possible.


In the 1990’s, the Vision d’avenir report is released. The importance of practicing artistic, leadership and sport activities in French, as a means of promoting the development and preservation of the French Canadian culture, is underlined. The French Canadian Youth Federation responded with the Canadian Francophone Games concept.

In 1994, the first hurdle is cleared as many governmental partners, one of which being Canadian Heritage, show interest in sport and leisure activities targeted to francophone youth in Canada. The FJCF continues to lobby for support and works at planning the Games.

In 1999, the announcement of the Canadian Francophonie Year becomes the final catalyst to launch the Games.

Here is a list of previous Games:

2017 Moncton-Dieppe (NB)
2014 Gatineau (QC)
2011 Greater Sudbury (ON)
2008 Edmonton (AB)
2005 Winnipeg (MB)
2002 Rivière-du-Loup (QC)
1999 Memramcook (NB)

The Canadian Francophone Games directly contribute to reaching the French Canadian Youth Federation’s goals and mission, as well as showcasing provincial and territorial youth associations’ initiatives. They contribute to strengthening participants’ sense of belonging to their province or territory of origin, as well as to the larger Canadian francophone community. The Games provide opportunities for training and recruitment.

Next Games

For details on the host selection process (in French), please contact info@jeuxfc.ca


  • Celebration of French-speaking youth in Canada
  • A moment for francophone youth to develop their identity, individually and as a group
  • Excellent opportunity for development, chance to go beyond ones' expectations
  • An event not to be missed, which every community aspires to host


Promote new friendships and strengthening of old ties, increase awareness about the differences and similarities across the country.

  • Contribute to building or strengthening Canadian youth's cultural identity
  • Enable knowledge and expertise to be acquired and put into practice, which will further the growth of people, communities and participating partners
  • Offer a cultural experience in the host community
  • Present a unique program that highlights arts, leadership and sports
  • Foster collaboration


  • Pride, commitment
  • Cooperation, inclusion, solidarity
  • Respect, equality and equity

Guiding Principles

  • BY and FOR youth
  • In French
  • Gathering where interactions between teams are as important as a friendly competition
  • Sustainable event that encourages and contributes to the environment
  • Promotion of youth and volunteers’ talents, preoccupations and interests
  • Excellence in the execution of the event