The Canadian Francophone Games will present a unique program, showcasing French Canadian youth.

A week filled with competitions, cultural events and entertainment.
Numerous competitions and medal events are held during the Games.
Admission is free for all activities.


The arts, leadership and sports competitions run from Tuesday to Saturday.



Festivities begin with the Opening Ceremony on and end with the Closing Ceremony.


Arts Gala

The Arts Gala will be held on Friday. This event, featuring the winners in all art competitions is not to be missed.

Discovery Night

One more night to relish in the best the host region has to offer. Details to be announced at a later date.

Games Village

The Games Village, a lively venue for everyone and will be open throughout the week.


Complete results from past Games are available by clicking on the links below:

Medal spreadsheets are also available in French per discipline and per Games (see bottom of the page).


Games Flag Award

The Games Flag is awarded to to the Province or Territory with the greatest number of points from all the events combined.

Francophonie Spirit Award

The Francophonie Spirit Award goes to the delegation that distinguished itself by its friendship, helpfulness and collaboration with other teams. Participants vote to identify the winning team.

Francophonie Spirit Award Criteria :

  • The team that best promoted la Francophonie and the French-Canadian culture through their actions and interactions with others;
  • The team that showed the best collaborative spirit during the Games;
  • The team who developed camaraderie towards other teams;
  • The team who demonstrated fair play while competing and participating in activities.

Most Improved Award

The Most Improved Award is given to the team that shows the greatest improvement from one Games to the next.

Past Prize - Environmental Award

In the past, the Environmental Award was given to the team showing the best efforts and actions towards preserving the environment in their preparation and at the Games.

Here were the winners:

  • 2014 - British Columbia
  • 2011 - Yukon
  • 2008 - Manitoba
2017  New Brunswick Northwest Territories Manitoba
2014 Quebec Yukon Manitoba
2011 Quebec British Columbia Manitoba
2008 New Brunswick Newfoundland & Labrador Ontario
2005 Quebec Ontario New Brunswick
2002 Quebec Quebec Saskatchewan
1999 New Brunswick - Ontario



Medals per discipline

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 Public Speaking


 Media (stories)

Demo art

Active Citizen

Ultimate frisbee
    Demo sport

Medals per Game

2014 2017 2025 2028 2031
1999 2002 2005 2008 2011

All medals throughout the Games