As a volunteer, your role is most important!

You will become proud ambassadors of the 8th edition of the Canadian Francophone Games.

Your commitment, your contribution and your loyalty are all key components in ensuring the success of the event.

Volunteer Registration Form

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Frequently Asked Questions, the CF Games will no longer be a mystery to you! 

Accommodation for volunteers

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Registration steps 

Discover our volunteering opportunities

  • Browse the positions description and select the sector of your interest!


Select your position and chose your schedule

  • Under the section, other information, select the volunteer sector of your choice
  • Select the position “Sector Attendant” and check all the working shifts you want to accomplish
  • Read our terms and conditions and send your form

Last step: background check

* Note that all volunteer must complete a background check in order to volunteer for the Canadian Francophone Games
  • Fill out your background check
  • Insert the access code of the CF Games: MCCG7JZF22

Advantages of being a volunteer

Opportunity to live a truly unique experience;
Opportunity to rub shoulders with French-Canadian culture; 
Chance to network in your community;
• General training on the event;
 Specific training on your role;
 Meals provided when you complete a minimum of work hours;
 Games' t-shirt;
• Access to volunteer lounges so you can rest, have a snack and meet other volunteers;
• Invitation to the Volunteer Appreciation Night;
• Door prizes during Volunteer Appreciation Night.



















Accreditation & Uniform

Each volunteer officially registered at the CFGames will receive an accreditation badge and a uniform (a piece of clothing used for identification).

Accreditation and uniform must be worn at all times during shifts.

The uniform usually consists of a t-shirt and / or jacket in the colours of the Canadian Francophone Games.

Accreditation and uniform will be delivered in a volunteer kit a few days before the Games. This kit contains information relevant to the participation of volunteers at the Games.




I don’t speak french

There are operation jobs that don't require you to interact with participants directly.  You could also be paired with someone that speaks French.

Is there a minimum number of hours to volunteer?

You can offer one or more days of your time as a volunteer at the Canadian Francophone Games. However, a minimum of two shifts of 4 hours is required to ensure the event runs smoothly.

What are the work hours?

The volunteers work hours vary according the needs of the Organizing Committee. Generally, the days are divided into three shifts: morning, afternoon and evening.

At what age can you become a volunteer?

All interested, aged 15 and over can become volunteers. Youth aged 8 to 14, can also be volunteers but must be accompanied by an adult. They will be involved in performing simple tasks such as runners, welcome kit distribution, etc. Note that some positions require a minimum age, please refer to the position’s descriptions.

If I want to volunteer for a sport, for example volleyball, do I have to have special skills?

Some positions do require a higher level of training, certification and experience. Please refer to the position’s descriptions.

Are meals provided?

Depending on the position and the number of hours of volunteering, volunteers will have access to either a meal service or a voucher for a local restaurant. Snacks will also be available in volunteer lounges.

Which disciplines are presented at the Canadian Francophone Games?

Eleven disciplines are officially on the program and two more are presented as demonstration events. Arts competitions: Culinary Arts (demonstration art), Visual Arts, Improvisation and Music. Leadership competitions: Civic Engagement, Medias and Public Speaking. Sports competitions: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball and Sailing (demonstration sport).

How can I sign up to volunteer?

Register here : registration form

Please note that a criminal background check will be conducted by the police service for all employees and volunteers of the Canadian Francophone Games.

Why is there a criminal check done?

Validation of criminal records is mandatory for all staff and volunteers of the Canadian Francophone Games. This exercise is put in place to preserve the physical and psychological integrity of the participants, who are mostly of minor age. This verification is therefore mandatory for everyone within the organization.

Following my official registration what are the next steps?


  • You will be contacted by email or phone by the Organizing Committee to confirm your interests and availability;
  • Validation of your criminal record will be done by the police department;
    • All applications with a positive history result, ie the presence of activities not compatible with the Organizing Committee criteria, will be processed by the police;
    • All applications displaying a negative history result, will be transferred to the committees chosen by the candidate via the database (secure site), in order to develop a final work schedule;
  • All those who have completed the requested steps will receive an invitation for general training, followed by role-specific training;
  • During the training day, you will need to present two pieces of photo ID. Your personal information will be validated and a photo will be taken for your accreditation card (if you have not already done so when you register online).
  • Accreditation and uniform will be provided from the Volunteer HQ a week before the Games. 

If I register as a volunteer, can I access freely all venues?

Yes and no. Several areas have limited access. On your first assignment, you will receive an accreditation, a pass, giving you access to the your work areas. That being said, all competition venues are accessible free of charge to everyone.

If I come from outside the region, is it possible to get accommodation for the time of the event?

The Organizing Committee in working on providing accommodation to volunteers from outside of Victoria. This information will be available as soon as possible. Follow our social medias to remain informed.

Who can I contact for more information or to change information on my registration?

At any time, you can contact the Organizing Committee of the Canadian Francophone Games for details on volunteer opportunities at benevoles@jeuxfc.ca.


For more information, please contact: